Cesar Viteri



Toronto Based Photographer

From a very early age, I would sit back, observe and study my surroundings: be it in people's laughter and expressions, the intricate details of an architectural masterpiece, the composition of a timeless painting or the simple yet tranquil beauty of nature; all of which fascinated me to the extent that I wished I could capture and share these moments  with my friends and loved ones. It was out of this desire that I decided to take a childhood dream and turn it into a reality.

Photography for me is not only a passion, it is a continuos journey of challenges, creativity and an endless endeavour to capture some of the most cherished moments in a person's life. It is for this reason that I consider it an honour photographing for my clients as I want to be a part of those special moments.

I strive to be creative, versatile, courteous, friendly and professional. I believe competitive pricing, quality and exceptional customer service are key to the success of any business and the fostering of  great business relationships.

Thank you for visiting my website and taking interest in my work. Feel free to contact me about your projects and ideas. Together we will make it happen.


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